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Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong Attended the Ghana International School United Nations and National Costume Day
    On 21 October 2016, Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong was invited to attend the Ghana International School United Nations and National Costume Day and delivered a speech. More than 1800 people including the Country Director of UNAIDS Mr. Girmay Haile-Unaids, Principal of Ghana International School (GIS) Dr. Mary Ashun as well as school teachers, students and their parents attended the event.
In her speech, Ambassador Sun highly appreciated the harmonious and inclusive culture of GIS, and reviewed the major events in human history such as Peloponnesian War, Crusades, Second World War and the ending of apartheid in South Africa. She pointed out that peace and justice mean that powers should not seek hegemony, people should abandon selfishness and prejudice and exhibit mutual respect, mutual emulation and harmonious coexistence of different civilizations and religions, all countries and nations, big or small, should be equal, and adhere to the current international system with the United Nationas (UN) as the core to prevent the resurgence of militarism, people should abandon the gap between man and woman and break the barriers of mind, resolve disputes and differences through dialogue and consultation, maintain tolerance for reconciliation and move forward hand in hand.
Ambassador Sun said that established after the World War II, the UN laid the cornerstone of contemporary international order, and established "peace, development, equity, justice, democracy and freedom" as the common values of mankind and its lofty goals. She hoped that the children of GIS could better understand that each civilization represents the unique vision and contribution of its people, and no civilization is superior to others, struggle for the ideal of promoting mutual understanding and friendship among different civilizations, races, nations and groups by love and mutual understanding, and make contribution to the lofty undertaking of world peace and justice.
During the event, the scorching sun didn't stop the kids' enthusiasm. GIS students in various grades performed poetry recitation, stage plays, folk dance, chorus, etc. Ambassador Sun also donated Chinese cultural books to the school library, and was interviewed by Ghana Metro TV.
GIS is the first international school in Ghana with 61 years of history. At present, there are more than 1400 students from 58 countries. To commemorate the establishment of the UN, help the children remember the goals and achievements of the UN and cultivate their spirits of peace-loving, inclusiveness and tolerance, GIS annually held large-scale public activities on the international United Nations Day. The theme of this year's UN Day is "Peace and Justice: From Our Communities to the World".
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