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Chinese Embassy Donated Office Equipment to Ghana News Agency

On 24 February 2016, Charge D’affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana Mr. Wang Sheng attended the hand-over ceremony for the donation of office equipment to the Ghana News Agency (GNA) by the Chinese Embassy. Senior Administrative Officer of GNA Ms. Barbara Dodoe received the donation on behalf of GNA.

Mr. Wang said, GNA, as the state news agency with the longest history in Africa, shoulders the responsibility of providing news resources to all the media in Ghana. In March of this year, GNA will inaugurate a China Desk, which will be specifically in charge of reporting on China, China-Ghana and China-Africa cooperation. This will no doubt expand the Ghanaian media’s objective coverage of China, and increase the publicity and attention drawn to China in Ghana. Chinse Embassy in Ghana will provide full support to the work of China Desk of GNA.

Ms. Dodoe, on behalf of GNA, expressed sincere gratitude towards the Chinese Embassy for the donation, and said that this donation will go a long way in improving the working condition of the soon-to-be-inaugurated China Desk, and strengthening the capacity building of GNA. GNA attaches great importance to reporting on China, Ghana-China and Africa-China relations. The establishment of the China Desk constitutes a milestone in the development of GNA.

After the hand-over ceremony, Xinhua News Agency interviewed Mr. Wang and Ms. Dodoe respectively.

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