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Li Keqiang and Angela Merkel Jointly Meet with Chinese and German Representatives Attending the China-Germany Dialogue Forum 2019 Meeting

At noon of September 6, 2019, Premier Li Keqiang and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany jointly met with Chinese and German representatives attending the China-Germany Dialogue Forum 2019 Meeting at the Great Hall of the People.

Li Keqiang said, since the establishment of the China-Germany Dialogue Forum in 2005, the cooperation mechanism between the two governments has been complementary to each other and has surpassed the differences in the systems, cultures, and levels of development between the two countries. Seeking common interests and cooperation points of the two sides has not only promoted the development of China-Germany relations, but also played a special role in enhancing practical cooperation and well-being of the people between the two countries. China and Germany are both major economies in the world. China is the world's largest developing country and Germany is a major developed country and manufacturing powerhouse globally. There is huge room for cooperation and the personnel exchanges are increasing as both sides are open to each other. The Chinese and German governments actively support the cooperation proposals covering six major areas put forward at the China-Germany Dialogue Forum and are willing to create favorable conditions for cooperation between the two sides. Items that have been bilaterally decided will be tackled one by one from one field to another so as to score more achievements. It is expected that more fruitful results will be achieved at the annual meeting of the China-Germany Dialogue Forum next year.

Angela Merkel said, the cooperation proposals on six major areas put forward at the China-Germany Dialogue Forum are of great importance for the development of bilateral relations. Issues such as tackling climate change, promoting sustainable development, building smart cities and handling aging population are the common challenges facing the two countries, and they also provide new opportunities for the two sides to expand cooperation. Various circles from the two countries can reinforce each other and achieve common development through mutual learning.

More than 60 representatives from political, business and academic circles of China and Germany attended the event.

Wang Yi, Wan Gang, He Lifeng and others were present.

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