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Remarks by Chinese Ambassador to Ghana H.E. Mdm. Sun Baohong at Inauguration of China-Ghana Graduates Association
(26 July 2016)
Honorable Edwin Nii Lante Vanderpuye, Minister for Youth and Sports,
Honorable Isaac Nii Djanmah Vanderpuye, Deputy Minister of Greater Accra Region,
Respected Mr. Charles Mawuenyega, President of China-Ghana Graduates Association (CGGA),
Ghanaian Students who once studied in China, will be studying China and are willing to study in China,
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear friends,
Good Morning!
It's my great pleasure to attend the inauguration of China-Ghana Graduates Association. First of all, I would like to extend my warm congratulations and sincere appreciation to CGGA for creating such a powerful "circle of friends" for the Ghanaian students who once studied in China, will be studying China and are willing to study in China. As a Chinese poem says, "Freely, Fish enjoy a good swim in broad ocean and Birds soar in clean sky". CGGA is a fledgling now, but looking into the future, it will become a mainstay of advancing the traditional friendship and cooperation in various fields between China and Ghana.
Earlier this year, there was an article published on Daily Graphic titled "Six Chinese attributes every Ghanaian must imbibe", written by a 2010 Ghanaian student of Jiangsu University majoring in Medicine. The author believes that Ghanaian people should learn from Chinese people the attributes of love for country, accountability, sacrifice, maintenance, tourism and cherish of local goods, contribute more and take less to create a better Ghana. While reading this article, I was deeply touched by the sincere patriotism of the author. With her experience in China and her understanding of Chinese politics, culture and national character, she told Chinese stories to Ghanaian people, holding the strong belief of "Another's good quality or suggestion whereby one can remedy one's own defects ", and sincerely hoping Ghana would learn the successful experience of China.
In recent years, bilateral cooperation between China and Ghana has yielded fruitful results in various fields, with cooperation in education growing by leaps and bounds. The hard-working Ghanaian students with excellent academic performance are very popular among Chinese universities and colleges. So far, the Chinese government has provided scholarships to more than 500 Ghanaian students and the number of self-supporting Ghanaian students studying in China has exceeded 4,600. Numerous Ghanaian graduates return to Ghana after their advanced studies in China. They have become emotional bonds of China Ghana traditional friendship and the rich sources of China-Ghana people-to-people friendly relations, while providing inexhaustible intellectual support for the social and economic development of Ghana.
Since I came to Ghana and assumed the office of Chinese Ambassador, the China Ghanaian graduates touched my soft spots again and again. In May 2015, two Chinese workers were shot by gunmen and badly wounded at the project site, one of them in critical conditions. In the hospital of near-by town, Doctor Kofi who once studied in Shenyang Medical College of China rescued two patients overnight and transferred the badly wounded patient to city hospital for further treatment. There the patient met luckily another doctor named Dr. Abbas who used to study in Taishan Medical College of China and was given timely treatment. The life was saved. The two doctors said that they not only learned the leech craft to save people's lives in China, but also deeply understood the medical ethics to heal the wounded and rescue the dying wholeheartedly. Chinese friends regarded them as brothers when they stayed in China and vice versa.
With clever mind, strong language gift and adaptability, Ghanaian students have outstanding performance among the oversea students in China. When they come back to Ghana, they turn to be the backbone in promoting Ghanaian social development and China-Ghana economic and trade cooperation. I know a project manager working in the China-Africa Development Fund, who is a Ghanaian named Mahama, yet   has nothing to do with incumbent President. Over the years, he has been working with his Chinese colleagues, trying to find   projects which are good for social and economic transformation of Ghana with long-term investment value. And he is one of the 2008 Chinese government scholarship students.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Students,
Chinese Ghanaian graduates are a group of elites in Ghana who have wide knowledge and deep understanding of China. You must shoulder the responsibility to let the Ghanaian people understand the real China. We all know that "Gold can't be pure and man can't be perfect". China is also not perfect, but it is absolutely not a monster vilified by the some forces either. China has more than five thousand years of civilization with unique social system and cultural tradition. We practice   socialist institution and the more important thing is that China has found a path of development that conforms to its national conditions and this path has changed the face of poverty and backwardness of China while making China the second-largest economy in the world. China is still a developing country and the common development problems such as poverty, corruption and economic imbalances also exist in China. With a strong sense of crisis and historical mission, Chinese people keep on deepening the reform and opening up, bold enough to treat desperate diseases by severe remedies, therefore capable of achieving the leap of national development once and again.
    As an old Chinese saying goes, "The same lights merge together, the same languages echo with each other, and the same ambitions bring people closer". As both developing countries, China and Ghana share common interests and values, and are able to carry out extensive cooperation in international affairs. Culturally, Ghana attaches great importance to interpersonal relationship and social network as China does. CGGA is under everyone's expectations to be a good mentor to the Ghanaian students in China, a good platform for Ghanaian graduates to find jobs and earn a living, as well as an alumni association for helping each other in the development of one's career.
Certainly, the growth of CGGA needs strong support of the governments of China and Ghana. The Chinese Embassy, Ghanaian authorities, Chinese enterprises and China Ghanaian graduates with successful career will actively provide all the help and resources support. Finally, I wish CGGA become stronger and stronger, all the Chinese government Scholarship Students a happy life and academic success in China, and China Ghanaian graduates smooth work and booming business!
Thank you!
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